Best Dressed List: 82nd Academy Awards

Ok, here goes my top ten best dressed list (in order leading to my very most favorite) of the 82nd Academy Awards (the “Oscars”):

10. Anna Kendrick

I love a flesh tone on a woman, provided that it doesn’t make her look washed out. Anna looks perfectly rosy in this gown, and I love the plat on the shoe!


9. Molly Ringwald

Looking better than ever, Molly donned a timeless Hollywood look, but owned it in purple, which is very complimentary to her skin tone and hair color. The hairstyle is genius, too!


8. Miley Cyrus

While I don’t believe Miley still belongs on Disney channel as a role model for young girls, I can’t deny that her look tonight was a winner. It is pure, but the corset look gives it an edge.


7. Nicole Richie

This isn’t a classic Oscar look, but that’s what I like about it. A woman who can wear this dress and pull it off looking vintage, yet fresh all at the same time deserves a place in the top 10.


6. Queen Latifah

She looks so radiant in this sparkley pink number. I love how she’s transformed her style.


5. Rachel McAdams

I think Rachel McAdams is darling. I don’t usually go for a printed fabric on a gown, but she looks stunning!


4.  Elizabeth Banks

The gray goes oh so well with the blonde. I think Elizabeth and the dress look beautiful.


3. Sarah Jessica Parker

A staple on my top 10 list, Sarah Jessica Parker, looked glorious in this yellow frock. She pulls of that 1960’s look so well. I especially loved the giant barrel curl hair style. I can’t get enough of that look.


Here are a few more views of her jaw-dropping hairstyle.



2. Mariska Hargitay

It was a difficult choice between SJP and Mariska, but ultimately I had to go with Mariska for second place. She is so beautiful, and never mind that the black dressed lacked a pop of color, because it was elegant and and smoking hot (all at once) on the red carpet. Could we expect anything less from the daughter of Jayne Mansfield?


1. Jennifer Lopez

Another staple on my top 10 lists. Jennifer Lopez’ gown takes my breath away. It makes such a statement, I am left without words.


Which look is your favorite? You can respond my leaving a comment (below).

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  1. darcie

    Nice work, Farrah!

  2. darcie

    Oh yeah, I saw very little of the Oscars but how good did Sandy Bullock look? Plus her speech was moving – I gotta see that movie!

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