Sunday’s Best: FrenchBlue


As part of my Sunday’s Best series (which I’ve been slacking on), I wanted to feature one of my favorite posts from a lovely blog that I follow. The blog is called FrenchBlue. The post is on Fauchon of Paris. What is Fauchon, you ask? Fauchon is a traiteur in Paris. A traiteur is basically a retailer of fine foods, that are mostly ready to eat (a fancy grocery/deli of sorts). Fauchon appears to focus a little more on the sweet side.

Being obsessed with all things french (particularly Parisian), I was delighted to find out about Fauchon. I felt like the whole world knew about this fabulous place, except me. I was immediately smitten by the photos posted on FrenchBlue, and guarantee (now that I know about it) it is on the  must-see list for the next time I visit Paris (and, yes, I do actually keep a list). Let’s see if you are as crazy about this post as I am. You can view more photos by visiting the post on FrenchBlue (which can also be found in My Little Boudoir’s Blogroll).






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  1. Bonjour Romance

    Just found your beautiful blog via Lily Lemontree. She was right, you have alot of glamour going on here. Love your name. Will be following along and will be back soon.
    Good week to you,

  2. Houseeife Bliss

    Lilly said you were grand and she was so right. Love your style, and now following.

  3. Trish

    Oh my goodness, I am so grateful to Miss Lily Lemontree for the recommendation to your blog. Right away hearing your fabulous musical accompaniment I was smitten. Happy to be a new follower, can’t wait to catch up on your archives and read more from you!! XOXO

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