Sunday’s Best: Hello Lover…of All Things Beautiful


Each sunday I try to showcase a blog or blogpost that I enjoy. This morning while searching online for where to find Carrie and Big’s headboard from SATC2, I stumbled upon a lovely new blog called Hello Lover…of All Things Beautiful.

I was planning a nice post for all of you about Carrie and Big’s new apartment in SATC2. However, after finding the posts on Hello Lover…of All Things Beautiful, I am not even going to attempt it, because she has done an outstanding job. She even tells you where you can find the design looks for your own home! So, with that being said, I suggest you head on over to Hello Lover…of All Things Beautiful to see it for yourself. Here are the links to the two amazing SATC2 posts, but you should stay for more. She has impeccable taste that is sure to entertain you for hours.

Hello Carrie’s Closet (click here)

Hello Sex and the City 2 (click here)

Here are some teasers if you’re not yet convinced…





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  1. Lisa The Bumpkin

    Sarah, I too loved the headboard. I loved the whole Big and Carrie apartment. I felt it stayed in line with the previous seasons, and reflected them as married, and aged. The headboard was designed by Jeremy Conway, and I couldn’t find a thing online about it. One option is Jen @ Slumber Designs who can be reached at http://www.slumberdesigns.blogspot.com, does custom created headboard, and could probably help to lead you in the direction of your desires. She is on my sidebar!

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