Celebrity Boudoir: Kimora Lee Simmons


If you are addicted to the show Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane (like I am), you will know two things…that she has an amazing boudoir in her New Jersey home (ok, it’s a closet, but honestly, it’s probably the size of my living room and it even has a bathroom in it) -and- she embodies all things fabulous. She even has her own word, “Fabulosity”.

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It doesn’t really get much more fabulous than leopard print carpet, right? Probably not my personal choice, but that’s what I love about Kimora; she’s not afraid to be over-the-top. But even better is that, in addition to her love for fashion and material things, she publicly displays her love for her family and stresses the importance of being a good mother and business woman.

I like how she has arranged little vignettes around the boudoir, like this Louis Vuitton collection (which happens to be a very very small portion of her collection). I think it’s charming how she’s placed a photos on them to keep it personalized.

In Style magazine

Can you really even imagine having this many clothes? This is only one small area among many. And if you need a boost reaching stuff at the top, perhaps the stool that came from Gianni Versace’s estate will help?

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See…more of that LV collection lining the top of the room like it was part of the crown molding. And again, you will notice that she has personalized the space.

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Lastly, the mother of all areas…the shoe and accessories collection! I am left to wonder…when a woman has shoe collection like this, does she tend to wear her top five pairs all the time anyway?

In Style magazine

Now for the floor plan. As you can see, this boudoir is very organized. She has even had each piece photographed and the images stored, both in large books and on her computer, to reference when putting outfits together. It’s like a personal fashion database. I guess you have to be when you have a collection of this size…

In Style magazine


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  1. Dear admin, thnx for sharing this blog post. I found it wonderful. Best regards, Victoria…

  2. The thing I really like about Kimora Lee Simmons’ boudoir is how much color she has in her clothing. She’s never boring in beige, that’s for sure!

  3. I love watching this reality show also, and have been doing it since the beginning. She is fabulous, did you know she went to a Lutheran school and started modeling at the age of 13??
    I was wondering ( if you know ) what happened to her and her first husband? One day they were married and seemed happy and then boom, they divorced…and she is married to that other darker black man now ?? He is handsome though and they did have that sweet baby boy.
    Loved this post.

  4. fab post.

    i think all my clothes would fit in the folded clothes section…including coats.

    i wish i could go shoe shoping in there. lol

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