Celebrity Boudoir: Christina Aguilera


This month’s celebrity boudoir belongs to Christina Aguilera. You may have already seen the photos that I am about to share with you, because most of them were featured in In Style magazine and have been shared on many ‘o blogs. When you see how fabulous her  boudoir is though, you’ll know why I couldn’t resist posting them. I believe she has since purchased a new home, but these photos were taken in the home that she purchased from Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne (the one they lived in during their reality show, The Osbourne’s). Her decor is a bit eclectic, and features many design styles (Chinoiserie, Moroccan, Hollywood Regency, Paris Apartment, etc.), but what makes it special is that it reflects her tastes, and that’s exactly how every woman’s boudoir should be decorated. Go ahead and throw the “design rules” out the window and create a boudoir that you love and that suits you perfectly.

In this first photo the giant lounger is delightful, especially decorated with the black and white silhouette pillows. I like the one with the ballerinas on it the best.

(In Style magazine)

If you’re truly putting your boudoir to good use, a vision board is always a great idea. I like to collect photos of the places and things that I daydream about. Her wall sconce is pretty sweet too, if you ask me.

(In Style magazine)

A closet with a chandelier and a ladder…now that’s living! Plus, I have always been fond of luxurious curtains separating a room from a walk-in closet or dressing room. Does that dressing room carpet look familiar?


Tell me this isn’t a dreamy space of Chinoiserie and Moroccan goodness (I wonder if there’s a genie in a bottle in there)!

(In Style magazine)

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom in your boudoir, a bathtub is an absolute must. I can spend hours in a nice bathtub. Can you find the “boudoir essential” in this photo?

(In Style magazine)



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  1. In my opinion Christina makes too much sommercials songs And she sold 42 millions albums worldwide. She can sing contemporary R&B, gospel, pop rock, hip hop, soul, and balladry. She is the best !Somebody know when her next album will be released ?

  2. I adore her music, and her sense of clothing is so vogue!

  3. Ok, maybe it’s not quite my taste but you’re right, it’s her home so she can do what she likes! I thought she was looking great in the first photo shoot after she had the baby – really natural make-up, no more bright red lips – but I guess she’s gone back to her vampy style. Oh well. She has a great voice.

  4. Amazing. Thanks for such a wonderful post.

  5. To Christina Aguilera, stay beautiful and keep that powerhouse voice! You’re the best!

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