St. Vincent de Boudoir

Ok, I’ll admit, as much as I love a garage sale, thrift shops creep me out a little bit. Not today though!

This morning I decided to go to the local St. Vincent de Paul to look for some vases or figurines that I could spray paint and upcycle into cute centerpieces for my cousins upcoming baby shower that I am helping with. No such luck there.

Where I did come into some luck was when I lifted up a darling crystal paperweight (that resembled the special little box that we all love) thinking, “surely this can’t be a Tiffany & Co. paperweight.”  When I picked it up and turned it over to look at the bottom, sure enough, etched into the crystal was “Tiffany & Co.” For $1.99, I swiped that baby up real quick. It was just like the one I had seen on (which is no longer available).

 I got it home, gave it a quick wash with Pamolive, and it’s as good as new. It now sits upon the desk in my boudoir, sparkling and beautiful.





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    • Dee on January 22, 2012 at 5:27 am
    • Reply

    Talk about an amazing find!!!!!

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