Grandpa and Doris Day…

Grandpa Ivan (right)














Several years ago, while going through pictures at my grandparent’s house, I came across my grandfather’s Navy scrapbook of his days serving in the Korean War upon the U.S.S. Juneau. I was so excited when I came across these pictures of Doris Day in his book. I couldn’t wait to hear my grandpa’s stories telling me all about her. To my dismay, the scrapbook was given to all of the sailors. They were not his own personal photos in all cases. And even worse, he left the ship the first second he could when it hit Long Beach, California, not caring about the fact that Doris Day was there to greet them. So, unfortunately no exciting stories about the starlet. Just pictures. Still worthy of sharing though!




























































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  1. Becky

    My grandfather was also one of the sailors on the Juneau at that time. it’s interesting to find others out there that still have the pictures too

    1. Sarah

      Hi Becky,

      That’s awesome. I wonder if they knew each other. 🙂


    2. Sarah

      Hi Becky…that is so neat! I wonder if they knew each other. What is your grandfather’s name? I can ask my grandpa if he knew him.

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