Sunday’s Best: Sex and the City 2

Yes, I know, I know…it is Monday. Please forgive me for not posting “Sunday’s Best” on Sunday. I had a very busy day yesterday. I took my great-great-Aunt out for lunch and spent the afternoon with my best friend at her beautiful new home.

Now, on to the exciting stuff…


In honor of the big event that is coming this Thursday (that is giving women across the globe the feeling that a child gets on Christmas Eve night), I would like to share a must-see website with you. It is the blog for all things Sex and the City, particularly relating to the upcoming movie, Sex and the City 2.

Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything for you on My Little Boudoir, but those of you who want to see more pictures of the upcoming movie scenes, interviews with the cast and more, you should definitely visit (click here). Trust me, it’s the perfect remedy to cure your Carrie Fever or get Carried Away until Thursday!

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