May 2010 archive

Mademoiselle Monday: Mlle Lamarr

“All creative people want to do the unexpected.” – Hedy Lamarr “I am not ashamed to say that no man I ever met was my father’s equal, and I never loved any other man as much.” – Hedy Lamarr “Confidence is something you’re born with. I know I had loads of it even at the …

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Give-Away: The Carrie Diaries

As a farewell to Sex and the City week on, I thought it would be fun to do a give-away. If you remember back in my post titled  135 Days, I pre-ordered some copies of The Carrie Diaries. Naturally, I kept one for myself. I also gave one to my best friend as a …

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Sunday’s Best: Hello Lover…of All Things Beautiful

Each sunday I try to showcase a blog or blogpost that I enjoy. This morning while searching online for where to find Carrie and Big’s headboard from SATC2, I stumbled upon a lovely new blog called Hello Lover…of All Things Beautiful. I was planning a nice post for all of you about Carrie and Big’s …

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Thinking Outside the Boudoir: Sex and the City

As you may have noticed the theme on My Little Boudoir this past week has  been Sex and the City, so why not continue with that theme for this month’s Thinking Outside the Boudoir series post. For those of you just recently visiting My Little Boudoir, Thinking Outside the Boudoir, is a series where I …

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Baking…in Charlotte York Goldenblatt Style

I’m sure during the next couple of months, the fashion magazines, tabloids and blogs will all be buzzing about where to find the fashions of SATC2. I’m not sure that this exactly qualifies as “fashion”, but let’s get a head start, shall we? If you’re anything like Charlotte York, you probably enjoy baking (especially with …

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Mademoiselle Monday: Mlle Parker

“I just don’t know. It’s like I can’t imagine anyone else playing Dorothy Gale — just Judy Garland (Wizard of Oz)” – Sarah Jessica Parker (when asked if someone else would be cast to play Carrie Bradshaw if a prequel were created after Candace Bushnell’s new book The Carrie Diaries) “Maybe our mistakes are what …

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Sex and the City 2 Movie Premiere

I might have given my left arm for a seat at Radio City Music Hall in New York City this evening (ok, not really, but probably a pinky toe…seriously) to attend the Sex and the City 2 movie premiere. Have a gander at the beautiful ladies (and gentleman) on the red carpet. Sarah Jessica Parker …

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Sunday’s Best: Sex and the City 2

Yes, I know, I know…it is Monday. Please forgive me for not posting “Sunday’s Best” on Sunday. I had a very busy day yesterday. I took my great-great-Aunt out for lunch and spent the afternoon with my best friend at her beautiful new home. Now, on to the exciting stuff… In honor of the big …

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Meet (and enter to win!)

You may have already noticed the ad on, but if you haven’t visited their site yet, I highly recommend it. They are an online retailer that sells favors for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and much more. They have an excellent variety and “favorable” prices. has offered to host a give-away of …

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Plexiglass Boudoir

This clip from the Prelinger archives is one that you must see (give it a few seconds to start playing….and don’t forget to scroll down and pause the My Little Boudoir Soundtrack first). You be the judge. Is this passé or futuristic? 2