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Pinterest Passion: Boudoir

You have probably noticed less posts in the last several months. This bad habit started when my passion for Pinterest began  (which was followed by a series of unfortunate events in my personal life). I am so addicted, I can spend hours daydreaming in my boudoir on Pinterest.com (instead of actually “doing” the creative things …

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Sunday’s Best: Chinoiserie Chic

From here on out, each Sunday, I intend to share with you a post from one (or maybe a few) of my favorite blogs. This Sunday, I would like to introduce: The owner of Chinoiserie Chic is Beth, who also is part of Style Redux (both of which, I highly recommend you visit). I first …

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Celebrity Boudoir: Tyra Banks

This month’s Celebrity Boudoir belongs to Tyra Banks. The special part about this boudoir, is that it’s actually her “dressing room” at work. Wouldn’t we all love to have such a place to get away to at work? It was designed by the very talented Ron Norsworthy. 1

Boudoir [boo-dwahr]

I find the name My Little Boudoir perfectly suitable for this blog, which I hope you will adore as I do. You see, all of my life my bedroom has been a very sacred place for me. As a child, I would stay in my lovely pink floral room for hours (by choice) playing Barbie …

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