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Elizabeth Taylor Collection at Christie’s

As a child in the 1980’s, I can remember adults talking about Elizabeth Taylor in a somewhat negative light. At the time, I only knew her by her “White Diamonds” look. With big hair and looking like she stepped off the set of Dynasty.   What I didn’t recognize at the time (which I’m ashamed …

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TCM Classic Movie Festival

For all of you fans of the silver screen that live in California, or who can make it there lickety-split, there is a fabulous festival that you must attend! Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is putting on the TCM Classic Film Festival in Los Angeles, California from April 22nd to the 25th. There will be a …

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The Littler Boudoir: National Velvet

One evening about a month ago, my daughter asked if we could watch one of my “Boudoir” movies. At first, I didn’t know what she meant, but then I realized that she thinks of my old Hollywood films as “boudoir movies” (that I watch in my boudoir and blog about on My Little Boudoir). It …

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Mlle Taylor

“I have a woman’s body and a child’s emotions.” – Elizabeth Taylor 0