January 2012 archive

Supermodel Sundays

For 2012, I am introducing a new series of posts…Supermodel Sundays. No, I didn’t mean Superbowl Sunday (no football is allowed in my little boudoir). It will be kind of like Mademoiselle Monday, except instead of focusing on actresses and singers, it will focus on supermodels. I went through my high school years in the …

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Chanel Candles

Did you ever see my post from 2010 titled, Upcycling: Chanel Perfume Bottle to Oil Candle? If not, I highly suggest you check it out. I recently added these new photos, which are much more professional than the original photos (though they are still there, too). This is a super easy do-it-yourself project that will …

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The Suite Life…a boudoir away from home

Most hotels offer basic suites that provide larger and usually more luxurious accommodations than a standard guest room. The suites I am about to share with you though, offer a little something more. They are each themed to be perfectly desired by a lady (or even young lady) looking for a boudoir on the road. Here are …

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Mademoiselle Monday: Mlle Ross