February 2010 archive

Celebrity Boudoir: Dita Von Teese

This months Celebrity Boudoir belongs to Dita Von Teese, the famed burlesque star. A woman who constantly exudes impeccable glamour, like Dita, would clearly would have a fabulous boudoir. Her boudoir is complete with an antique dressing table, hat stand (with a beautiful collection of hats), pink walls, a lady head vase, misting perfume bottle, …

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Thinking Outside the Boudoir: The Prince and the Showgirl

If you saw my first post in the monthly series Thinking Outside the Boudoir, you will know that I have a fascination with certain homes in the movies. While some may not be practical for everyday life, or represent my overall ideal decor, I would love to spend some time in them, even just for …

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My Little Boudoir Soundtrack

As you’ve probably already noticed by now, I have added a soundtrack to My Little Boudoir. Ever since I can remember I have always enjoyed having music playing in my boudoir. As a young child, I enjoyed playing my Snow White and Sesame Street records on my red Orphan Annie record player. In second grade, …

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Korto Momolu (Cut-Toe) (Mo-Mo-Lu)

Many of you probably best know Korto Momolu from season five of Project Runway (which happens to be one of my very favorite television shows), but that will not be her claim to fame for long. You see, Korto is quickly overshadowing her time on Project Runway by making a name for herself as a …

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Lily Lemontree

Something that I enjoy doing in my little boudoir is visiting other blogs. One that I came across today is called Lily Lemontree. The header alone is enough to draw you in… What’s even better is that she has a contest going through March 2nd where you can win Coco Before Chanel on DVD (which …

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Hollywood History: Nina Mae McKinney

In a society that often defines old Hollywood beauty and talent as Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable, it is important to remember that there were many many beautiful and talented women in old Hollywood that simply didn’t get the exposure they deserved then, and still today, aren’t publicly recognized as the legends that …

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Mlle Taylor

“I have a woman’s body and a child’s emotions.” – Elizabeth Taylor 0

Bows…Bows…and more Bows

I don’t believe in getting too hung up on “trends”. Instead, I believe that each woman should have exceptional personal style (which still allows you to incorporate trends in a tasteful manner). However, since this trend is so feminine and classic, I thought it was fit to share it with a group of ladies, such …

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Reading is Fundamental

A boudoir is not simply a place to admire your pretty decor, brush your hair and powder your nose. It is also a place where you can relax, take in a good book and brush up on your favorite topics ranging anywhere from fashion to history. While a book will never be outdated to me, …

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Blog Blessing: Confessions of a Beauty Addict

I recently found a new beauty blog that is a must-see for all of you cosmetic queens. On this blog, Lady Kina, a professional esthetician and free-lance makeup artist, shares with her readers about all things related to cosmetics and beauty products. What I especially like is that she knows what she is talking about …

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