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Celebrity Boudoir: Jayne Mansfield

The boudoir and en suite bathroom of the voluptuous bombshell actress, Jayne Mansfield, has become iconic. It is best known for the heart-shaped gold lined bathtub with pink carpeted…um…well…EVERYTHING! The feminine theme of her home simply screams boudoir. Of her estate, one could say that the heart served as the crest (CHALLENGE: How many hearts …

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Theme Park Boudoir (part one)

I work in the travel industry. My position allows me the opportunity to travel quite often. I happen to oversee most of the Disney product that my company sells. This has allowed me some really special opportunities. For example, I attended the grand opening of Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure Park last summer and most recently …

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Reality Boudoir

I will admit it (not sure if I should), but I am a fan of the Real Housewives series on Bravo. However, I only (yes, only) watch New York, New Jersey and Atlanta seasons. I’ve seen bits and pieces of the Beverly Hills season, but I never really got into it. Now I’m wondering if …

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Celebrity Boudoir: Miley Cyrus

Please let me preface this post by saying that I am not a big fan of Miley, nor do I agree with many of her stunts over the past year or two. Yes, I get that a girl has go to grow up and do things that little girls don’t, but when episodes of your …

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Celebrity Boudoir: Christina Aguilera

This month’s celebrity boudoir belongs to Christina Aguilera. You may have already seen the photos that I am about to share with you, because most of them were featured in In Style magazine and have been shared on many ‘o blogs. When you see how fabulous her  boudoir is though, you’ll know why I couldn’t …

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Celebrity Boudoir: Kimora Lee Simmons

If you are addicted to the show Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane (like I am), you will know two things…that she has an amazing boudoir in her New Jersey home (ok, it’s a closet, but honestly, it’s probably the size of my living room and it even has a bathroom in it) -and- she …

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Celebrity Boudoir: Tyra Banks

This month’s Celebrity Boudoir belongs to Tyra Banks. The special part about this boudoir, is that it’s actually her “dressing room” at work. Wouldn’t we all love to have such a place to get away to at work? It was designed by the very talented Ron Norsworthy. 1

Celebrity Boudoir: Dita Von Teese

This months Celebrity Boudoir belongs to Dita Von Teese, the famed burlesque star. A woman who constantly exudes impeccable glamour, like Dita, would clearly would have a fabulous boudoir. Her boudoir is complete with an antique dressing table, hat stand (with a beautiful collection of hats), pink walls, a lady head vase, misting perfume bottle, …

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Celebrity Boudoir: Mariah Carey

Celebrity Boudoir…another monthly post series. Each month I will share photos of a fabulous celebrity boudoir. Ok, well, some may be truly classified as a dressing room or closet, but they are so glamorous that I would consider them worthy of being called a boudoir. The Celebrity Boudoir for the month of January belongs to …

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