Celebrity Boudoir: Jayne Mansfield

The boudoir and en suite bathroom of the voluptuous bombshell actress, Jayne Mansfield, has become iconic. It is best known for the heart-shaped gold lined bathtub with pink carpeted…um…well…EVERYTHING!

The feminine theme of her home simply screams boudoir. Of her estate, one could say that the heart served as the crest (CHALLENGE: How many hearts can you find?). It was a respite oasis and a palace of sorts that provided a dreamy backdrop for her her life.

There are many things about this home that I love (and some that I would pass on…i.e. carpeted walls). Nobody can deny that this was a special unique home that had Jayne’s signature all over it.

Here are some of the things I love about it:

I love the framed photos/magazine covers along the stairwell.

I love the living room with the balcony overlooking it.

I love that she had a scrapbook in her office.

I love that she has a pink bar of soap next to her bath.

I love her powder puff on a stick.

I love the arched doorway with gates.

I love the nursery.

I love her gold mirror and brush set.

I love her tray of lipsticks next to the sink.

I love the glass bottle next to her bath, that likely held bubble bath.

I love the pink rotary telephone.

I love the brass chair with pink cushion.

I love a pink boudoir with gold accents (though hers was a bit over-the-top).

And, finally, I love the fact that she made this home her own with her signature style.


Bath2 Bath1


mansfieldBath4 Bath3

tumblr_mv6tzevYGZ1qa70eyo1_500 Jayne-Mansfield-pink-plush






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J_mansfield Jayne-Pool Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay at home (circa late 1950s)


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