O Christmas Tree…How Lovely Are Your Ornaments…

It is that time of the year where I reluctantly must take down my Christmas tree.  🙁

I love Christmas so much that I begin listening to Christmas music around Halloween and I like to leave my tree up for a long time post-Christmas. The problem is, I usually get busy with work travel and then it stays up for far too long.

My husband once accused me of keeping it up until May, but that’s a pure lie (I think). Saying that it was up until late Feb/early March might be the truth though (I know, I know…and yes, it’s a fake tree). Some may ask why he doesn’t take it down. Well, he’s not allowed to touch my precious ornaments (nor does he want to).

So, before I begin the demolition of all things magical, I wanted to capture it and share some of my gems with each of you.

IMG_6737 IMG_6774IMG_6770IMG_6776IMG_6736 IMG_6735 IMG_6705 IMG_6698

IMG_6740IMG_6746IMG_6749IMG_6758IMG_6760IMG_6766IMG_6767IMG_6772IMG_6753IMG_6754IMG_6745IMG_6744IMG_6741 IMG_6451


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