Celebrity Boudoir: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Please let me preface this post by saying that I am not a big fan of Miley, nor do I agree with many of her stunts over the past year or two. Yes, I get that a girl has go to grow up and do things that little girls don’t, but when episodes of your show still air on the Disney Channel and five-year-old girls proudly walk into their first day of kindergarten with your face on their new backpack, it’s just not responsible behavior. Besides, doesn’t she know that bong-toking is not becoming, nor ladylike, behavior fit for a woman with a boudoir?

HOWEVER….that does not take away from the absolutely fabulous boudoir that this young lady has (or had, as I’m sure she probably no longer lives in the same home).

Look at this boudoir. Isn’t it stunning? I love this color combo. Yes, I know, it may be a bit over used, but I still think it looks lovely. In fact, these colors are similar to those found in my current boudoir (which, if you remember, I share with my husband…one day, I will have an additional one all to myself). My favorite things in this room are the wooden chest of drawers with mirrored faces, the wallpaper (I originally wasn’t fond of it because I thought that they were white painted circles on the right side of the image, but I noticed that was just the reflection of light. It is actually just a different sheen, which I’m sure is subtle and beautiful in person), and the zebra-print chairs, which bring a little edge to the room.

In Style magazine via theCelebrityblog.com

As we know, no dream boudoir is complete without a closet/dressing room. And Miley Cyrus is doing it right. I love black and white mixed with just about any bright color, and pink certainly does the job. I absolutely adore the houndstooth chair and the huge gold framed dressing mirror leaned against the wall. Very well done and playful for a girl of her age.


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