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Bows…Bows…and more Bows

I don’t believe in getting too hung up on “trends”. Instead, I believe that each woman should have exceptional personal style (which still allows you to incorporate trends in a tasteful manner). However, since this trend is so feminine and classic, I thought it was fit to share it with a group of ladies, such …

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Par Avion

I’m really into navy blue and orange lately, so I was very excited when I saw Kate Spade’s Jet-Setter and Par Avion looks for this Spring. I want this Par Avion cosmetic bag and fabulous coat to be mine… I’ll take that with a side order of handbags, please… (you may recognize the orange one …

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Olive Oyl Royale (part II)

This is a continuation of the post from January 6, 2010 titled Olive Oyl Royale (part I). Below I have listed many additional nautical looks that range from Old Navy to Louis Vuitton. Even without these modern day nautical looks, Olive Oyl still won her man. It just goes to show you that good looks …

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