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Walk With a Cane

Walking with a “cane” has taken on a new meaning. No, I am not talking about this kind of cane… I am talking about these lovely cane bags from Tiffany & Co. I have always loved the look of cane lattice, whether it is on furniture, printed on fabric, or now….on a handbag. I am …

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The Handbag Search

I’ve recently been searching for a new handbag. Since this sort of purchase is typically an investment of sorts, which means it needs to last a while, I look for one that meets the following criteria: 1. Quality (because it needs to last) 2. Black (because it goes with almost everything) 3. Leather (because it …

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Par Avion

I’m really into navy blue and orange lately, so I was very excited when I saw Kate Spade’s Jet-Setter and Par Avion looks for this Spring. I want this Par Avion cosmetic bag and fabulous coat to be mine… I’ll take that with a side order of handbags, please… (you may recognize the orange one …

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