The Handbag Search

I’ve recently been searching for a new handbag. Since this sort of purchase is typically an investment of sorts, which means it needs to last a while, I look for one that meets the following criteria:

1. Quality (because it needs to last)

2. Black (because it goes with almost everything)

3. Leather (because it is more durable and easier to keep clean)

4. Timeless (again, because it has to last a while)

5. Trendy accents (so that timeless does not become boring)

But why oh why does the one that strikes my fancy have to be over $2K? Seriously, it happens to me every time. Even if you did a blind taste test (ok, I know it’s not the Pepsi challenge, but you know what I mean)…I will always pick the one that’s more expensive. Trust me, it’s not an attempt to be snobbish or materialistic, because I really do wish that my taste matched my means (or better yet, vice versa). Come on though, you know Gucci’s New Bamboo bag is fabulous + 10.

new bamboo large top handle bag ( $2350

Here it is in use…can’t you imagine it?

Gucci ad in InStyle

It does come in a smaller size, too:

new bamboo medium top handle bag ( $1990

My budget isn’t quite this much, but I really really want it. Even though from a fiscal perspective it’s not the wisest choice, but you never tax return will be coming soon after all.

I also really like the Techno Horsebit bag…

techno horsebit ( $2800

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