Laundry…the Boudoir Way

Having a ladylike boudoir usually means having some fine delicate unmentionables. And when they need laundering, not just any detergent will do. When I have delicate items that require handwashing, I like to use Tocca’s fine laundry wash.


It is available in four different scents, all of which are delightful. “Cleopatra” has a grapefruit cucumber scent…”Florence” has an orris rose scent…”Stella” has a blood orange scent…and “Touch” has a pomegranate and tiare flower scent.

I must admit, I also have a weakness for beautiful packaging (which is all the more reason to keep it on hand). This darling bottle with Tocca’s signature pink trellis print looks adorable sitting next to the sink in your boudoir’s restroom, or displayed with your fragrances on a dressing table.

After you use Tocca’s fine fabric wash, you’ll never want to go back to regular detergent.

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