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Boudoir Laundry

It was nearly one year ago that I shared with you my favorite Laundry Delicate by Tocca for hand-washing lingerie and delicate items. But, what if you had one of these tufted beauties? I simply adore these Vedette washing machines for the boudoir, designed by Chantal Thomass. 1

Laundry…the Boudoir Way

Having a ladylike boudoir usually means having some fine delicate unmentionables. And when they need laundering, not just any detergent will do. When I have delicate items that require handwashing, I like to use Tocca’s fine laundry wash. It is available in four different scents, all of which are delightful. “Cleopatra” has a grapefruit cucumber scent…”Florence” …

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