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The Suite Life…a boudoir away from home

Most hotels offer basic suites that provide larger and usually more luxurious accommodations than a standard guest room. The suites I am about to share with you though, offer a little something more. They are each themed to be perfectly desired by a lady (or even young lady) looking for a boudoir on the road. Here are …

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Floating Boudoir

Look at these amazing boudoir photos…                                         Well, believe it or not, these are actually staterooms on a cruise. Yes, that’s right, no tacky carpet resembling a casino floor or geometric printed bedding (my stereotype of …

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Traveling Boudoir

Don’t you  just hate it when you’re in a hotel room that doesn’t have a proper area for applying your make-up? I prefer to apply my make-up sitting down, at a bedroom vanity. It’s so nice when a hotel room is well appointed with a dressing table, though they are quite rare. Well, no need …

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