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A Cure for Cotton

In a quest to try to organize my boudoir (I say “quest” because I share the boudoir with my husband and my desk doubles as my vanity…ugh…this is why you’ve yet to see photos of the “boudoir”), I was in need of one place to store all of my cotton. Cotton balls, Q-tips and my Chanel …

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Plexiglass Boudoir

This clip from the Prelinger archives is one that you must see (give it a few seconds to start playing….and don’t forget to scroll down and pause the My Little Boudoir Soundtrack first). You be the judge. Is this passé or futuristic? 2


No matter the country in which you reside, a fabulous chair is a fabulous chair and, oh, I do love what I am about to share. A creation of two things I adore…a chiavari chair and lucite/acrylic furniture. Chiavari Chair + Lucite/Acrylic = LUCITE CHIAVARI CHAIR!!! I first found this lucite chiavari chair on perch-home.com, …

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