Thinking Outside the Boudoir: Sex and the City


As you may have noticed the theme on My Little Boudoir this past week has  been Sex and the City, so why not continue with that theme for this month’s Thinking Outside the Boudoir series post.

For those of you just recently visiting My Little Boudoir, Thinking Outside the Boudoir, is a series where I post each month a home from the movies that I admire. While some may not be practical for everyday life, or represent my overall ideal decor, I would love to spend some time in them, even just for a night. In some it is the decor that I fancy. In others it’s the architecture or floor plan. And in some I think it’s my fondness for the characters. With that, I believe Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and the City The Movie fits into most of those categories.

For starters, having a studio apartment as a single woman in New York City, in most cases, pretty much means that your apartment is your boudoir and your boudoir is your apartment. I have always been fond of Carrie’s apartment even before the redesign. I think largely because I love her character, I love NYC and I love the idea of having a small space all to myself (and let me tell you, the fashions that are housed in this little studio are fit for a mansion, which could weigh heavily on my opinion too).

I love how the living area is bright and sunny and allows for a intimate conversation area with  your best girlfriends. The fabric on the love seats is beautiful and pops perfectly against the blue walls. Overall the look is simply lovely.



Then there are those special little accents that give a place character…like a bar cart (see in between Carrie and Charlotte) and a rotary black telephone.



Of course, living in the city in a confined space, a girl must be practical and allow for creative storage spaces and double uses for certain areas. A wall unit to store mail, office supplies and your fashion magazine collection is a brilliant idea (I’m guessing there could have a little shoe overflow from the closet, too).


The table in Carrie’s entryway is multipurpose. It serves as an entry table, serving table when entertaining (see above) and can be expanded into a dining table (on the rare occasion that dinner is not take-out in the living room).


Now for the grand finally…the boudoir! You may have already guessed, but my favorite showstoppers here are Carrie’s mirrored vanity and the lucite bench…not to mention her designer closet.

I love how the Chanel scarf is draped over her vanity chair. It serves as a very fashionable accent and shows her personality in her decor. Wouldn’t it be a dream to play dress-up here and then settle in for a little freelance work at a desk with a view of the darling SoHo neighborhood?





Now, if you love Carrie’s place, you’re going to go crazy over the apartment that she and Big own in SATC2…

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  1. Lisa The Bumpkin

    The settees are fromMartin Albert Interiors. I love the white tall cushion chairs, which are by Knoll. Have you seen anyting about the paint colors in Carrie or Big’s apartment? I died over Carrie’s closet. Perfect, The Captain and I recently built myself a closet, which I now have to change a bit, to include a little of her. I am Carried Away!

  2. Cate

    I have to say, Carrie’s post-redesign apartment is so lovely that it almost hurts, in the best possible way!

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    Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon. Thanks!

  4. LaTroy Watson

    Im tearing up just looking at these pics! i swear i want my first apartment to be like this! i wish i wasnt in debt! and i had a job! omg! i can’t wait to move into the city! THIS IS THE BEST SITE EVER!!!! I LOVE YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE! inspire me ! oh the soundtrack to this blog is phenomenal!!! 😀 I LOVE IT! you’ve just gained a great fan!

  5. Conrad Murray Trial

    Hello there! I really enjoy reading your blog! If you keep making amazing posts like this I will come back every day to keep reading.

  6. caitlin

    yes, I love it! totally my style.

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