Breakfast at Tiffany’s Inspired Decor

Judging by the fact that the Tiffany & Co. Inspired Boudoir post was the most viewed post on My Little Boudoir in all of 2010, I thought you ladies might enjoy a Breakfast at Tiffany’s Inspired post. This time though, I am including decor beyond the boudoir.

We all know that the main attraction of Holly Golightly’s apartment was the claw foot bathtub sofa in her living room. Here is Holly on her tub sofa, complete with brass telephone faucet and all.


Through a company called Reestore, you too, can lean back and take a nice long bath rest in your living room. Don’t worry that the colors aren’t exact. According to their website, you can custom order.



A gal making deals to visit mob bosses in prison, like Sally Tomato, will certainly need a way to communicate by phone (even if you must speak in code).


This push-button replica from Target will do the trick.


If you wish to have something a little more authentic (without the push buttons, that is), this spectacular find is perfect. It gives you an authentic vintage look with modern convenience. You simply insert the sim card from your wireless phone and it runs using your cell phone number and minutes. This lovely gadget is available at Sparkfun Electronics.


You can’t have a true rotary telephone without a sterling silver Tiffany & Co. telephone dialer. I mean, just imagine the callus one could build up on their pointer finger without this handy tool. Holly had one, so why shouldn’t I? She and “Fred” purchased hers with a budget of $10 over over 50 years ago. That, coupled with the fact that Tiffany & Co. no longer produces this item means it’s going to cost quite a lot more. You can often find these on various websites selling antiques or on ebay. I found this one at Telephone Vintage.


Now for a place to store the telephone. When you don’t want to be bothered, you place the phone inside the luggage, otherwise you set it on top of the table (or luggage, rather).

Though Holly’s suitcase wasn’t actually a table, this one is. Isn’t it just darling? I found it on Etsy at Love Nostalgic Whimsy.

(etsy.com – Seller: lovenostalgicwhimsy)

(etsy.com – Seller: lovenostalgicwhimsy)

Have you ever noticed the backdrop behind that lovely bathtub sofa that separates the kitchen from the hall? I have. I adore this lovely white mod-style lattice.


I searched and searched for a nice replica of this, but kept coming up with the common garden lattice, but then I found the website JustGrilles.co.uk. They have many lovely options. The one that most closely matches the design in Holly Golightly’s apartment is the one on the top left (below), which is the filigree pattern. I also like many of the other patterns, too. Give these panels a coat of paint and you have an instant focal point in your room.


Just to the left of that embellished wall is a quaint little kitchen.


I love these vintage reproduction appliances by Big Chill that will help your kitchen look a little more like Holly’s.



Let us not forget the boudoir. A very memorable moment in the film is Holly waking up from a good sleep to answer the door to her new neighbor, Paul “Fred” Varjak, while dressed in an oversized tuxedo shirt and donning the iconic blue sleeping mask (with eyes) and tassel earplugs.



If you’re going for this look while you get your beauty sleep, here are some options for you to consider…

I found this Lauren Intimates “Grandfather” Tuxedo Bib Sleep Shirt at Nordstrom.


Similar tassel earplugs can be found at ECrater.com.


Though there are many sites selling replicas of Holly’s mask, I think this one from Amazon.com is one of the more authentic looking.


Now for a place to sleep. Holly counted her sheep upon a twin size black scrolled iron bed.


Here are a few options for your boudoir (no room for a partner though if you’re going to have it exactly like Holly). You’ll notice that the latter option actually resembles her bed the best, but it would need a couple of coats of black spray paint or powder coat, because I can only find it in white.



Last but not least, a boudoir is not complete with out a dressing table. As you can see Miss Holly Golightly (or Lula Mae, if you prefer) has a beautiful one that is loaded with cosmetics and perfumes. Just my type of gal.



Here are some feminine options that resemble it from The Bella Cottage.




If any of you boudoir beauties have created your own Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired decor, I would love to see pictures. You can email them to sarah@mylittleboudoir.com or post them on the My Little Boudoir Facebook page.


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  1. Lea

    Paul and Holly do NOT buy a sterling silver telephone dialer. It is $6.75 “including tax”, but then Paul remembers the Cracker Jack ring he got in the box he shared with Doc Golightly and has it engraved.

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