Boudoir [boo-dwahr, -dwawr]
[n] – a lady`s bedroom or private sitting room. A small room, esp. if pleasant, or elegantly furnished, to which a lady may retire to be alone, or to receive intimate friends; a lady’s (or sometimes a gentleman’s) private room.

Every girl and woman deserves a space of her own. To me, there is no better place to get away than having ones own little boudoir.

My Little Boudoir is about the decor and finery that a woman, like me, desires for her boudoir. It is also a place where  I share about the daydreams, hobbies and interests that I fancy while in my boudoir.

The boudoir is a place to get away and let your imagination take you to a dreamy place. MyLittleBoudoir.com is a blog that takes you on a journey from my current boudoir to my dream boudoir.

The topics range from fashion to Hollywood history, décor to travel and photography to cosmetics.

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  1. I am looking for a sofa sleeper with Ottoman to go in my new room.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have looked but none have been “the one”…..

      • Sarah on September 29, 2012 at 10:02 am
      • Reply

      Hi Laura,

      Is this sofa sleeper for a living room or boudoir?



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