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  1. Cydney

    Please invite me to Pinterest!!

    Thank you!

  2. Jessica

    Hello, I love the site. My friends always chuckled when I tell them I’m trying to transform my living space in NYC from post college chic to sexy boudoir.

    Then I showed them your site and they got the picture.

    Ps. Please send me a pinterest invite.

  3. Michelle

    Would love an invite, if you’re still offering?


  4. Tiffany Jacobs

    I day Dream as well you should see the amount of folders i have filled with beautiful things on my computer!!!

    Can you please send me a request..
    With a Cherry on top…. 🙂

  5. Judith Randall

    Two questions, please.

    1. Is Mr. Travilla’s collection housed in a permanet location that is open to the

    2. Are copies of his sketches available for purchase?

    Thank you,
    Judith Randall

  6. Sarah

    Loved your blog, would love to get the chance to talk to you about something, here is my e-mail

    Cant wait to hear from you!

  7. sherry

    Can you please send me an invite for pinterest? Thank you : )

  8. Jeannette

    HI! Love this and also would like an invite for pinterest pls. Ur welcome to check out my THE MAKE-UP BLOG on fb 🙂 xxx

  9. Annie

    May you please send me a pinterest invite? Thank you!

  10. Alice

    Hi! Hoping for a pin interest invite please please!

  11. Val Harper

    Thank you very much for highlighting my miniatures on your website.
    I just wanted to mention that one of the pictures is of a pink boxbed with wardrobe and drawers. You have mentioned this is from my website, but it isn’t.
    Very bets wishes and many thanks again, Val

  12. Michael

    I have 4 bottles of Marilyn Merlot for sale and one Norma Jean:

    2-1998 MM $90/ea
    1-1997 MM $120
    1-1993 MM $250
    1-1998 NJ $ 120

  13. Paige

    Hey there! Love the Tiffany & Co. and Breakfast at Tiffany’s stuff on here! I’m planning on re-doing my bedroom with a T&Co theme, and I would love a Tiffany & Co. logo wall decal but am having a hard time finding any. Would you happen to know anywhere that I could find one?

    all the best,
    Paige S.

  14. Amy Courage

    I would like to submit pics of a beautiful boudoir designed by Susan Kroeger for the Lake Forest Infant Welfare Showhouse in Lake Forest, IL. Do you have an email I could forward to??
    Love your blog and I think you’ll LOVE this bedroom!
    Amy Courage
    Marketing Director

  15. Jill Jergel

    Dear My Little Boudoir – will you please contact me by e-mail? Thank you in advance, look forward to communicating with you, Jill

  16. Julianne Lewis

    I can’t for the life of me find your soundtrack…am I totally looking in the wrong place as I don’t see it on your homepage.

  17. Bettina Krüger

    Please, make this site in german, too!

  18. Annick Van Staey

    Hello, I just stumbled across your blog while looking for decor inspiration. i’m opening my own retro & vintage inspired clothing store very soon in Antwerp, Belgium and I am going to turn de changing rooms into a boudoir. So I am very happy to see this style still has a lot of dedicated fans and I just love your blog about it! Keep it up! Greetings, Annick

    1. Sarah

      Thank you so much! I would love to see photos of your changing rooms.

  19. William Read

    On behalf of the PR agency of record for CARON Paris, please contact me as soon as possible regarding CARON Paris. Here is my email

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