Upcycling: Chanel Perfume Bottle to Oil Candle



This is a do-it-yourself (diy) project that I thought of a few years back. I had some empty Chanel perfume bottles that I could not bear to throw away (or recycle), so I decided to upcycle them instead and display them in my boudoir. While I would find it perfectly suitable to simply display the empty bottles in ones boudoir, turning them into candles is even more “boudwonderful”!



To make the Chanel perfume bottle candle here are the steps to follow:

1.    Wash out empty perfume bottles taking care not to get the labels wet (you may want to tape some plastic over the label to ensure it stays dry)
2.    Purchase some glass wick tubes, wicks (the kind for oil candles) and candle/lamp oil
3.    Using a tiny funnel pour the candle oil into your empty (and dry) perfume bottle
4.    Insert Candle wick holder with wick inside (make sure that the wick is long enough to be fully submerged into the oil so that the wick absorbs the candle oil before burning)
5.    Light the wick and place on table or shelf and enjoy


A few other reminders:

1.    NEVER leave a lit candle unattended
2.    Always put the candle out (preferably with a snuffer) before leaving the room
3.    Take great care when working with fire and flammable substances



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