Mirror Mirror on the Wall

On a recent emergency trip to my local Costco for bacon (yes…I said, “emergency trip for bacon”…to my husband, if you’re out of bacon it’s an emergency), I came across one of those fabulous “treasure hunt” finds that Costco is famous for. In the center of the warehouse was a road show with mostly art, but they also had these spectacular Venetian-style mirrors. They would be perfect for a boudoir.

Venetian Mirror at Costco

I’ve been eyeing a new mirrored vanity and I don’t know if I love the mirror that matches it. Since that mirror is sold separately, I’m thinking of going back to Costco to get this one instead (see above). Hopefully it’s still there when I go back, because it is a good deal. It is being sold at Costco for $299. Comparable mirrors that I’ve found online can run up to almost $1,000, although I have found some that are decently priced (see some of the neimanmarcus.com photos below).

Here are some of the other mirrors that they had (sorry for the poor photo quality…they were taken with my BlackBerry):




And here are some that I found online at neimanmarcus.com:

$965 neimanmarcus.com

$295 neimanmarcus.com

$299 neimanmarcus.com

$795 neimanmarcus.com

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