Reading in the “Littler” Boudoir


During a family outing to the book store one afternoon, I was browsing through the children’s section when I came across a book that I knew I wanted my daughter to have. It was a children’s book titled, Different Like Coco. A biography of sorts about the life of Coco Chanel.

I pulled it from the shelf and instantly (and all at once) had to choose my words very wisely, play nonchalant, cross my fingers and say a little prayer, that it wouldn’t be one of those “mom is trying to pass a boring book off as cool, so I won’t want anything to do with it” moments. Thankfully my girl said “yes” before I could even finish explaining why it would be such a great book for her to own. With that, we went home and it was the bed time story of the evening.

Not only is this book perfect (and educational) for you Chanel loving mothers, it really does have a good lesson (actually a few of them) for little girls. Despite Coco’s meager upbringing as a young child and the fact that she was treated as second class growing up in an orphanage, covenant and finishing school, Coco always carried herself like a queen and held her head high. She began sewing by making hair bows and rag dolls as a girl and grew up to change the style of women’s clothing throughout the world. She didn’t care about being different and never let her situation hold her back from achieving greatness.

Here are a few pages from the book:

page nine

page eleven

page nineteen

page twenty-seven

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