Boudwonderful Shopping: Maxine’s Floral and Gifts

A couple of weekends ago, we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day here in Seattle (this doesn’t happen too often, especially in March). The husband, daughter and I went on a family outing which included a stop at one of the most boudwonderful (boudoir + wonderful) shops ever! It’s called Maxine’s Floral and Gifts. I had never been there before and just seeing the exterior I knew I had to go inside immediately.


Maxine’s is basically a florists, but with a really great gift shop. Nearly everything was to my liking, and the daughter loved it, too. They had a variety of fancy soaps (of which the daughter and I each came away with one), candles, vintage clothing patterns, Eiffel Towers here and there, bejeweled handheld mirrors (perfect for the boudoir), tea sets, chandeliers and so on and so on. On their website, Maxine’s is described, “…like walking into munchkin land in the Wizard of Oz.”

In addition to my fancy  Maria Evora soap, I also purchased a sparkly vintage designed matchbox (much better than some tavern matches to light your candles in the boudoir) and some cotton candy flavored toothpicks (not something I regularly partake in {unlike the husband}…however, if you’re going to use a toothpick, it might as well be cotton candy flavored and in a darling tin box, right?).


If you live in the Seattle area or are visiting, you must stop by Maxine’s Floral and Gifts. It’s located at 8811 Roosevelt Way NE in north Seattle.

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