Couture Cotton

Many of us dream of experiencing the luxury of Chanel couture, however the fact is, it is economically unattainable for most. So, for many women lounging in their boudoirs gazing starry eyed at their September issue of Vogue magazine, this dream will never come to fruition. However, there are may ways that the average woman can still experience that heart palpitating moment of walking into a fine boutique and coming out with a shopping bag; even on a budget. What I am about to share with you won’t set you back any more than a half tank of gasoline.

You see the name of this post, do you not? You see the faint double “C” logo in the image below, do you not? That’s right…you can now buy Chanel cotton (insert husband nag here: “Honey, please tell me you did not buy designer cotton balls!”).


Le Coton by Chanel is a blend of hand-picked Egyptian cotton (outer layer) and lightly entwined Australian elastic fibers (inner lining). Based on what I’ve heard, you couldn’t dream of a more pampering way to apply toner. They are lint-free, super absorbent and extremely gentle. And, to give you that little flutter in your heart, each one is embossed with the Chanel logo.

I called my local Neiman Marcus store to see if they had any in stock and they had not yet received a shipment. They can be purchased online as well, but for some reason, I prefer to do “luxury” shopping in person (I think it’s the bag…I’m a sucker for packaging). So, with that being said, on my upcoming trip to New York, I will be returning, not with an “I {heart} NY” tee-shirt, but with designer cotton!

Le Coton is carried by Chanel and Neiman Marcus. A package of 100 cotton pads retails for $20. If you do not live near one of these fine stores, this item is also available online at and

I’ll keep you posted with the results once I make my purchase. If any of you boudoir beauties have already tried them, let us know what you think…

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