Amazing Grace…How Sweet the Smell…

One scent that I am addicted to is Amazing Grace by Philosophy. To be very honest, this is probably not a fragrance that I would have normally selected, but on a trip through the gauntlet (aka the cosmetics department at Nordstrom), I was approached by a sales person ready to provide me with a squirt of Amazing Grace lotion. I accepted, and went on about my business.

On my journey through the mall that day, I began to love the fragrance more and more. On my way back through Nordstrom I had to pick up a bottle of the lotion.

This past Christmas, my husband bought me the gift set. It included Perfume, shower gel and hand creme.

Though I am not in need of a replenish, I found a perfect addition on a recent visit to Sephora. It is a hand soap and lotion combo pack with a simple silver holder which would look absolutely delightful next to the sink in my boudoir bathroom and also provide me with a little bit of luxury every time I wash my hands.


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