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One of the most attractive attributes of a woman’s face (besides the eyes) is a clear flawless complexion. I am a red-head with some reddish undertones in my skin, and a little bit of freckles, not to mention the occasional blemish…all of which I wish to cover. I don’t go for those “tinted moisturizers” or “light coverage” products, because, well…I’m just not one of those kind of ladies. I like a full coverage foundation that gives a gal that porcelain doll look.

They discontinued my favorite foundation in my late teens/early twenties, and I’ve never found one that I approve of 100% since then. I have tried many foundations in my life, from Clinique to Lancome and M.A.C. to Make-up Forever, and even the drugstore brands. I never could find one that gave me the look I was trying to achieve and that I truly loved for my skin. Either they’re too drying, not enough coverage, look to cakey or don’t last long enough.

On a trip to Sephora this winter, the lady ringing up my purchase had BEAUTIFUL skin. It had that porcelain doll airbrushed look. When I complimented her on her skin, she said, “Wow, thank you…I’m surprised you would say that, I actually have acne, so that’s a great compliment.” Truth be told, I wouldn’t have guessed it in a million years. She went on to share with me that she wears Silk Creme Foundation by Laura Mercier. I was in a hurry, otherwise I would have grabbed some right then.


That weekend, I returned to Sephora. I was looking at the different shades of Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation, when another Sephora employee offered to help. We ultimately selected the color Rose Ivory for my skin tone. It was amazing! I went on to tell her how I found out about it. I also asked about a good concealer to go with it. She told me that she knew the lady whose skin I was fond of and said that she wears Make-up Forever Full Cover Concealer. The concealer is great, I will say it is a little bit dry though, so you’ll for sure need moisturizer on your skin before applying it. This combo is like a Photoshop eraser for your face…simply FABULOUS!


Finally, I have a foundation regimen that I LOVE! I highly recommend it for any of you boudoir beauties who love a flawless complexion, too (when skin care products alone don’t cut it).

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