Glamour Party: Sleep Mask Party Invitations

For my daughter’s 13th birthday, I wanted to do it up big for her party to celebrate her entrance to teenagehood.

The theme was Glamour (and it was a sleepover).

We started off with some fabulous invitations that resembled sleep masks. This will be followed by a post on the birthday cake that we adorned with edible cosmetics. The last post in the three part series will cover our make-over/photo shoot (remember, it was a glamour party).

This is how we made the invitations, which were oh so appropriate for a glamour party sleepover.

First, I traced around a real sleeping mask and cut it out to create the template,

20130413-105233.jpgThen, I traced the template and cut out the exterior patterned card stock. The exterior was blue with silver glittered swirls. This is the part that would face outward, if you were actually wearing it. I then repeated these steps, with pink paper for the interior. This really is designed to serve as a border to the white paper with the party details.





20130413-105756.jpgOnce all the paper was cut out, I glued the pink paper to the back side of the blue paper and placed a ribbon on each side to serve as the head tie (this made it more realistic looking). This is also another reason why it was important to line it with the pink paper. It made the edges look more finished, and covers the ends of the ribbon that  are behind the paper.




My husband is a graphic designer, so he whipped up the text portion of the invitation to my specifications and it turned out fabulous. I am grateful for his help.

Here is the finished product (with our personal information “pinked” out for privacy reasons)!!!

DD Invite_crop


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