Theme Park Boudoir (part two)

To me, a boudoir is like a fantasy world. A place where you can relax and get away from the stress of everyday life. A place where your imagination can take you to another world.

The feeling of such a magical place does not have to be reserved for only the times when you are at home, because one can enjoy a boudoir while traveling, too. You will see this in some of my other posts, like Floating Boudoir, The Suite Life…a boudoir away from home and Theme Park Boudoir (part one) to name a few.

If you are a self-proclaimed Disney fanatic, then you’ll love this boudoir-away-from-home. Before you get too excited, please know that this experience is reserved for only a select few…the lucky ones who actually get the privilege of spending the night inside Disneyland Park.


This, my friends, is The Dream Suite [please forgive the extremely poor photo quality…these were taken back in my BlackBerry days and it was the only camera I had with me while touring the suite]. It is where during the “Year of a Million Dreams” Disney made dreams come true by extending once-in-a-lifetime experiences, at random, to park guests. One of the top “dreams” was spending one night in The Dream Suite. They still use it for give-aways and the like, but this dream cannot be purchased.

The suite is located in New Orleans Square, above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. With the addition of New Orleans Square to the park in 1966, this was built to serve as Walt’s personal apartment for he and his family. It was intended as an upgrade from the studio apartment over the Fire House, which I featured in a previous post. It allowed more room for his children and guests.

Though the apartment had a full interior design planned and sketched by Dorthea Holt Redmond, it unfortunately was never completed, nor used as Walt’s apartment, due to his untimely death in December of 1966, around seven months before the opening day of New Orleans Square.

In the mid 2000’s, using the original design sketches, Disney carefully redecorated the apartment’s skeleton into a the fabulous living quarter it was intended to be.

Please enjoy the tour…

Master boudoir:





Some “magical” moments take place in this boudoir when you press the “Good Night Kiss” button. The wall above is one example, but there are many delightful surprises like this throughout the master boudoir, and the entire suite.



IMG00114-20110809-1546 IMG00113-20110809-1546


IMG00124-20110809-1554 IMG00119-20110809-1552 IMG00118-20110809-1551


Dressing room/closet (attached to master boudoir):

IMG00128-20110809-1555 IMG00126-20110809-1555


The dressing room/closet transitions into the master bathroom:





IMG00140-20110809-1559 IMG00130-20110809-1556



The bathtub makes you feel like it’s in the turret of a castle, with a cathedral-esque ceiling and stained glass window. Oh, but when the lights turn off, a galaxy of stars create a relaxing dreamworld.



…and you know what happens when you wish upon a star…



Living room:



Here is one of Dorthea’s original sketches for comparison:



IMG00143-20110809-1600 IMG00144-20110809-1600 IMG00150-20110809-1603 IMG00149-20110809-1602 IMG00153-20110809-1604


…another kiss of magic…








Children’s boudoir:



The magical kiss in this room, causes the train to drive around the perimeter!

IMG00171-20110809-1621 IMG00169-20110809-1620 IMG00168-20110809-1617

Children’s bathroom:

IMG00167-20110809-1617 IMG00166-20110809-1616 IMG00165-20110809-1616


The view:


Hallway looking out toward private courtyard:


Private courtyard:

My Little Boudoir

My Little Boudoir


Good bye….


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