Vintage Baby Shower

My sister-in-law is preparing to have a baby boy soon. In celebration of her upcoming arrival, my mum and I gave her a baby shower a couple of weeks ago.


As the process of party planning now begins around the world, I went to Pinterest for ideas. I pinned some ideas to my Baby Shower pin board and asked her to take a look to see which theme she liked best. She seemed to be most fond of a vintage theme (yay!). And so it was…a vintage baby theme…and I knew just the place to go for decorations.

One of my co-workers is an owner of Vibe Vintage Rentals. It is a party rental supply company servicing the greater Seattle area. They specialize in vintage items. This was perfect for our baby shower!

I went through their website and Pinterest page for ideas. She also emailed me some items that she thought would be of interest. They can supply items for any type of event (wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary party, etc.). They really can make all of those fabulous ideas you see online come to life!

Here is what I rented from her:

  • Baby scale
  • Vintage baby booties
  • Duck penny bank
  • Baby blocks
  • Thank Heaven for Little Boys sign
  • Croquet balls
  • Table runner

Here are some photos from the event. As you will notice, if you’re a Pinterest-addict like me, most of the food inspiration also came from Pinterest.

One of my favorite things that we served was the vintage sodas, many with “boys” on the labels (in keeping with the vintage boy theme).


IMG_5915 IMG_5914



IMG_5354 IMG_5928




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