Milkhouse Boudoir

A woman’s boudoir just wouldn’t be right if it didn’t also have a feminine fragrance to it. Burning candles in your boudoir creates a relaxing atmosphere while also giving it a pleasant aroma.

I’ve tried all different types of candles, but I must say I think I just found a new favorite. This summer we took some family from out of town to a local attraction, Snoqualmie Falls, here in Washington. While we were there we paid a visit to gift shop at the Salish Lodge, where I purchased, among other things, a votive candle made by Milkhouse Creamery.

The scent that I selected was Oatmeal, Milk & Honey. It had a nice sweet smell, which I generally prefer over a floral scent. I purchased it in June, but only just recently began burning the candle. I placed it in my little boudoir washroom and burned it for a few hours one Sunday afternoon. The smell was so powerful that it made my entire boudoir and washroom smell lovely.

In fact, while I was sleeping that evening, I woke a few times wondering what the delightful sweet smell was that was reminiscent of cotton candy. I realized in the morning that it was the leftover scent of the candle. All of this from one little votive that I hardly made a dent in (so I have plenty of burn time remaining). The pleasant smell actually remained for a few days after that (without burning the candle again). I couldn’t believe it!


With that, I decided that I need more, so I went online to look up the company. I was so excited to find many different sizes of candles ranging from a 2.2 ounce votive (burn time 20 hours) all the way to giant 48 ounce Earthenware Crocks (burn time 200 hours). They also had a HUGE variety of scents (or flavors, as I like to say). I think I’m probably going to stick with the same fragrance, but I may try a few others when I place my order. Some that caught my eye were: Butter Toffee, Cranberry Amaretto, Cappuccino Brûlée and Peach. Don’t worry though, if you’re like my BFF, and don’t like your candles to smell like dessert (like I do), they also have a nice selection of other fragrances, too, like: Crisp Cotton, White Tea & Ginger, Autumn Pear, Lilac & Wildflowers and many more.

What I was also thrilled to learn is that this Iowa based company claims to have the “cleanest burning candle on the market.” They don’t use any artificial color and their cotton wicks are free of lead. They use a sustainable blend of pure beeswax and natural soy wax, and the jars are made from 40% recycled glass (with cute designs that can be reused, and then recycled when you’re finished).

And best of all…unlike my other favorite candle by Jo Malone (it was a special gift from my BFF), you don’t have to save the burning for special occasions, because you won’t go broke replacing it once it’s gone. They range in price from $5.95 to $57.95.

If you come across these candles in your nearby gift shop, you must snatch some up right away. Or, you could always order online.





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