Ritz Paris Renovations

I like to keep myself in-the-know about the Ritz Paris renovations, so I regularly visit their website to view the progress. While on their website, I also enjoy many of the historic stories and such that they rotate on a frequent basis. I would encourage you to take a look at their website periodically, if this is not already something you make a habit of.

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I am in the travel industry, so I guess there is this sort of fascination with luxury hotels to begin with, but better than just any luxury hotel, the Ritz Paris is the most iconic location for the rich and famous in Paris (where many even lived, including Coco Chanel), including the likes of Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway, Princess Diana, etc. It is a treasure trove full of history. So, even if you’re not a hotel connoisseur like me, the fascinating history and pure opulence cannot be denied.

I plan to take my daughter on a trip to Europe in 2016 for her sweet sixteen birthday and my hope is to budget wisely so that we can splurge and stay at the Ritz Paris.

The hotel has been closed since 2012 for renovations and will reopen in 2015. Can you imagine this beautiful 159-room hotel being empty of all guests? Sounds a little spooky. Hopefully none of the construction workers saw twin girls walking down the hall.  😉

Here are some photos of the renovation from the Ritz Paris website. All credits for the below photos belong to Ritz Paris.


Ritz Paris Renovation Image 3 Ritz Paris Renovation image 4 Ritz Paris Renovation Image 6 Ritz Paris Renovation_image 1

Ritz Paris renovation image 5 Ritz Paris Renovation Image 7 Ritz Paris Renovation Image 2

I absolutely cannot wait to see what the finished product will look like. I’m certain that it will be as grand as it ever was, with the history well preserved. There are many great hotels in Paris, but none with the history and aristocracy as the Ritz.

Speaking of history, while I was on their website, I came across this fascinating video about Ernest Hemingway. It’s a must see. Click here to view.

Au revoir mes amis Je vous adore…



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