Vintage Baby Shower

Let me begin by saying that having my son and going through a relatively healthy pregnancy is one of the best blessings ever bestowed upon me and I am forever grateful. With that said, I have two disappointments that occurred during my pregnancy (if we’re not counting that my ankles were practically the size of my thighs):

1. I didn’t have professional maternity photos taken.

2. My baby shower photos turned out blurry, due to a bad camera.

Despite it, my baby shower was great; I just wish I had more detailed (and clear) photos to remember it by.

I waited a long time to get pregnant (went through fertility treatments, two miscarriages, and after I stopped “trying” I got the best surprise of my life), so the baby shower was something that I was really looking forward to. I pretty much planned and supervised the entire thing (with a lot of help from my family and friends to carry out the vision).

I tried to gather the best photos that were the least blurry, but they’re still not the greatest (I have since purchased a new camera…a must before baby came).

The theme of my baby shower was vintage with the colors being white, tan and turquoise. The centerpieces were simple and made of Baby’s Breath placed in Mason jars decorated with burlap and lace. I rented some pieces from a friend who owns Vibe Vintage Rentals. They are a vintage rental company in the Seattle area. The venue was great, too, because it was really affordable, easy accommodated my guest list (around 50 people) and was an older building, so it complemented the vintage look. It was held at the Lakewood Seward Park Community Club in Seattle, near Lake Washington.

Mommy and daddy baby pics.

Table setting (the fact that this napkin is not centered gives me a nervous tic).

My guests left messages on diapers. The winner? The one from my cousins’ son (who was about six at the time) that said, “Boys Rule.”

Dessert table (divinity/coconut cupcakes [family recipe], fruit skewers, cookies and beverages.

Vintage baby scale and baby boots from Vibe Vintage Rentals.

Another view of the dessert table.

Food table…on the menu: muffaletta sandwiches, individual vegetable cups, chicken salad sandwiches on croissants, ham sandwiches, salad, etc.

Gifts with a vintage pram from Vibe Vintage Rentals. Underneath the white sheet in the center is a hand painted wooden rocking chair from my bestie to match the nursery.

What was the theme of your baby shower? What was important to you? I’d love to hear all about it.

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