Category: Décor

2010…Year of the Barbie

As a girl, my absolute favorite thing to do was play with Barbie dolls. I would spend hours in my bedroom playing. As an adult, I don’t love Barbie any less, our relationship has just evolved. Each year it is important to me to find the right calendar. I almost always select one of black …

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Upcycling: Chanel Perfume Bottle to Oil Candle

  This is a do-it-yourself (diy) project that I thought of a few years back. I had some empty Chanel perfume bottles that I could not bear to throw away (or recycle), so I decided to upcycle them instead and display them in my boudoir. While I would find it perfectly suitable to simply display …

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A little blue box…the way to a woman’s heart (ok, not really, but it helps)

This Tiffany & Co. porcelain box is a lovely gift that I received from a co-worker a few years back. I absolutely love it and have deemed it a must-have for the boudoir. I don’t see that they are still selling this size on the Tiffany & Co. website, but they do have a mini …

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