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A Fieldtrip to Caron

I’m embarrassed to admit that three quarters of the year have passed since I originally promised this post. On a business trip to New York back in September, I extended one extra day over the weekend to do some shopping, eating, sightseeing and visiting with family. Yes, I know, ambitious plans for having only one …

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Boudoir Treasure…Vintage Chanel Print

What a find! I was searching “vintage Chanel” on Ebay, and found this original vintage print from 1944. You know I snatched it up real quick. Just imagine it…in all of it’s black and white glory,  framed and hanging upon the wall in my dream boudoir. In the small print it says, “A VERY FINE …

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Boudoir Essentials: The Powder Puff

Today marks the first post in a monthly series called, Boudoir Essentials. Inspired by yesterday’s post, I thought I would begin with The Powder Puff. One item that must adorn any dressing table in a boudoir is a powder puff; used for dusting one’s body with luxurious scented and/or shimmery body powder. Here are some …

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