Upcycling: Granny Gold to Girly Glamour

I love it when I find a garage sale where you truly feel like you’re stepping back in time (as long as it’s from a fabulous era). I stopped at a garage sale this past fall, and it was clear that everything belonged to an elderly woman who had held onto her precious items her whole life long. While it was probably a sad situation that prompted the garage sale, I am honored to give her items new life and cherish them as she did.

I purchased two delightful bone china teacups, a few vintage jars and an old inexpensive drug store mirrored perfume tray. I wasn’t in love with the gold trim on the perfume tray, but I had every intention to “upcycle” it for my daughter’s boudoir.

Step 1: Wipe any dust from the area that will be painted
and tape off the mirror to protect from paint

step one

Step 2: Move to a well ventilated area (preferably outdoors)
and lay newspaper or plastic to protect from over spray

step two

Step 3: Spray paint the item, taking care not to miss a spot and to evenly coat

step three

Step 4: Once dry, remove the tape, shine mirror with glass cleaner
and display your favorite perfume bottles

step four

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