Toile…New Orleans Style

One look that I like for a boudoir is a good toile print. I stumbled across this New Orleans Toile few years back in a Domino magazine (the discontinuation of which, I still mourn). At a store called Hazelnut New Orleans, you can find this New Orleans Toile print on a variety of products, such as a shower curtain, wastebasket, tissue box, tea towel, throw pillow, and more.  Even better is that they sell the fabric by the yard, so you could even come up with your own creative way to use it.

pillow –

bedding –

guest towels –

wastebasket –

butler tray –

The print was drawn by a New York artist named Sonia O’Mara, but was based off of the original sketches by Bryan Batt. The toile scape features some of the key architectural and landscape icons of New Orleans, like St. Louis Cathedral, St. Charles street car, the steamboat Natchez, and scenes depicting the beautiful architecture of the historic Vieux Carré. It is available in the following four colors:



cafe au lait


I think the reason I fancy this print so much is because I have this major fascination with New Orleans. Having traveled around the globe, I can’t believe I have never been, but it is at the top of my list of places to visit. When I do go, I will certainly make a stop at Hazlenut New Orleans.

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