Eugenia Kim Hits the Bull’s-Eye

Do you know about Eugenia Kim? This is how I learned about her a few years ago.


I don’t normally fancy a knit cap, however, this one is ADORABLE
and I just had to find out who the designer was. After some searching online,
I found out about milliner extraordinaire, Eugenia Kim. Here are some of her other designs.


Didn’t I tell you? They’re amazing, right? But…the majority of us
probably don’t plan on plunking down $265 on a casual hat, much less $135 for a headband.
Now, here’s the really great part of the story…wait for it…
Eugenia Kim has designed a line for Target!
It will be available on April 18th in Target stores near you.


The inspiration for this line…Havana.


The best part about the line…the price difference.

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