January 2011 archive

Silky Face

One of the most attractive attributes of a woman’s face (besides the eyes) is a clear flawless complexion. I am a red-head with some reddish undertones in my skin, and a little bit of freckles, not to mention the occasional blemish…all of which I wish to cover. I don’t go for those “tinted moisturizers” or …

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Boudoir Laundry

It was nearly one year ago that I shared with you my favorite Laundry Delicate by Tocca for hand-washing lingerie and delicate items. But, what if you had one of these tufted beauties? I simply adore these Vedette washing machines for the boudoir, designed by Chantal Thomass. 1

It’s Not Fair…

Me: “That’s not fair!” Mom: “Well, life isn’t fair!” Me: “Well, it should be and it is supposed to be!” This is how it went when I was a child and didn’t get my way. And, this is how I feel about something I found out about today. H&M has a “home” section, but the …

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Happy New Year!!!

Here’s to sipping champagne (or dancing in it) and living fabulous in 2011! 0