Maria Evora

Do you ever buy something so special that you never actually use it? I am trying to break myself of that habit. Therefore, I busted out a special bar of soap that I’ve had sitting on my bedroom vanity/desk for quite some time now. You may remember it from my post back when I made the purchase (yes, over a year has passed).

Part of the reason that I didn’t want to use it was because the imprint on the front is so lovely. The soap comes in both black and white. My bar is black, as you can see. The image on the front looks like a cameo…it is quite possibly the most beautiful bar of soap I’ve ever seen. After two showers, this beautiful image is no longer. But, I am enjoying the silky lather of minerals, sea salts, dark fruits of the myrtle and carob trees. Don’t worry…the black turns to a light gray when in use and washes away quickly.

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Are you wondering who Maria Evora is? Well, I looked it up and here is what I found (courtesy of

The legend of Maria Evora begins in Rias Bajas, a dazzling world of light and water, a place rich in all the beauty that is Spain. Maria was famous for her patina skin and deep black eyes in which one could always find the eternal presence of the sea. It was the sea that took her love, for whom she made mineral baths of opulent pleasure. Gathering heady sea salts and the dark fruits of the myrtle and carob trees, they would bathe together in the rich aroma of her soothing blend. Black, her chosen color of love, has become a Spanish tradition, a color so admirably fitted to emphasize beauty and grace.



© My Little Boudoir


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