Pinterest Addiction

I once felt cross with my second grade teacher for telling my mother during a parent/teacher conference that I was a “daydreamer”. I didn’t care too much for her after her unsuccessful attempt in turning my “daydreaming” into a negative thing. Personally, I found daydreaming a delight. I could not understand the concept of not daydreaming. That was who I was (and who I am)…a dreamer. After all, without a vision of what you want out of life, what else does one have to look forward to?

Now that I am grown, I can daydream to my heart’s content, without judgment…and I do. Since I discovered, I have been in daydream heaven.

CONSIDER THIS YOUR WARNING. The information and photos I am about to share with you may lead you to extreme an daydreaming addiction.

Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about, because you have the “pinning” addiction, just like I do. While others of you are saying, what the heck is “Pinterest”? Let me explain… is a website that allows you to virtually create pin boards. Think of it as your cork board where you post inspirational photos, only it’s online and you can categorize them. When you see a picture on a blog that you like, no need to place it in your mile-long favorite list, or take up space on your hard drive by saving it. You just “pin it”!!!

For example, I currently  have 37 boards going, with topics ranging from boudoir to afternoon tea. Here is a sampling of some of My Little Boudoir’s pin boards. You can see more by visiting

If you wish to join Pinterest, it is free, but you have to be invited. You can request an invite on, or if you contact me saying you wish to sign up, I’d be happy to send an invite to your email address, so that you can begin begin pinning, too!  Once you join you can follow My Little Boudoir on Pinterest.

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