Beautiful Boudoir Buys | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

My Instagram feed has been filled with Nordstrom Anniversary Sale recommendations from all of the fashion bloggers I follow. By this point, you’ll be lucky to find any availability on the hottest trends (unless you’re size 0-2).

I’m here to show you a different side of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…my favorite items for your boudoir!

Leopard Print Wool Rug| Dash & Albert | $21-$696

Every time I see leopard rugs, it makes me think of Kimora’s super luxurious boudoir closet.  Leopard print can always be glamorous, as long as you don’t overdo it. Your other textiles should be somewhat simple and classic.

Bedside Water Carafe & Glass Set | Cathy’s Concepts | $29

This looks nice when displayed on your bedside table and allows you to quench your thirst through the night. Hydration is key to great skin! They also have another version of this, using a different font for the monogram.

Quilted Velvet Accent Pillow | Ted Baker London | $30

This beauty oozes “boudoir” with it’s Art Deco pattern and pink velvet texture. It makes me think of something that could have been in Jean Harlow’s boudoir. If your first or last name begins with a “T” (which is really for Ted Baker London) then I guess you get a bonus monogram. I love the added detail of the gold zipper pull.

Bar Cart | American Atelier | $265

Now, I’m not advocating for a full bar in your boudoir, but if you have the space to fit a small bar cart, it’s nice for enjoying some Champagne or your signature cocktail when you retire for the evening.


Monogram Set of Two Champagne Coupes | Cathy’s Concepts | $31

These would look so lovely displayed on the above bar cart. You may have also noticed that the font used, matches the bedside carafe. If monograms are not your thing, they also have a pink set that says “Love” with a little heart, and they have a clear glass set (still with the gold rim) that says “Ooh La La”. They are all lovely and suitable for your boudoir.


Journal Set | Dream & Scheme | Passion & Plan | Anthropologie | $20 (per set of two)

A journal or notebook with a pretty cover is a must for your boudoir. The best place for them would be on (or in) your bedside table or your writing desk (if you have one in your boudoir). If you don’t keep a regular journal, they’re a great place to write down your goals, ideas, dreams, etc. and keep them organized in one place. These come in sets of two…Dream (pink) & Scheme (yellow) or Passion (turquoise) & Plan (blue).

Mixed Media Waste Basket | DKNY | $30

This marble looking wastebasket is perfect for your boudoir, because it is beautiful and feminine and not unsightly like most wastebaskets. There are other boudoir and bathroom accessories that match (make-up mirror, tissue box, etc.).

SoHo Sham | Lili Alessandra | $148-$168

I still don’t know the proper design terms when a rectangle has inverted corners, but I love it. It makes me think of the trim in the Chanel inspired boudoir. This comes in gold and two different shades of silver, and has a duvet cover to match. The appliqué is made of velvet, which would tie in well with the pink velvet Ted Baker London pillow. I prefer simple bedding in the boudoir, with heavy prints reserved for throw blankets and accent pillows.

Print Counter Stool | Deny Designs | $120

Yes, this is a counter height stool (not to be confused with bar height, which is taller), but I love it so much that I feel it could somehow be incorporated into the boudoir. Maybe you could use it to sit on if you apply your make-up at the bathroom counter of your boudoir. It could also work as a accent piece. For obvious reasons, it would be great at a kitchen island, too. It comes in three additional prints (floral, ikat, and one called Marais, which is geometric).

Monogram Glass Vase | Cathy’s Concepts | $20

This is the perfect vase to display flowers on your bedside table, dresser or vanity, because it’s fairly small in size. It would be so pretty with some peonies, dahlias, ranunculus or cabbage roses. This comes in clear glass or pink tinted glass (which matches the Champagne coupes).

‘Caroline’ Jewelry Case | Wolf | $267

Check out this beautiful jewelry case! It makes me think of something that would be held by a glamorous woman wearing a mink, hat and gloves, boarding a train in the 1930’s. It can be used in your boudoir, or taken with you if you’re traveling (although it looks quite large, so I wouldn’t recommend traveling with it). This comes in two different colors and has so many little compartments to keep your jewelry nice and organized. This normally retails for $415, so it is a great deal!

Tipped Short Pajamas | J. Crew | $57

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a boudoir post if we didn’t include some sleepwear. These darling cotton pajamas are perfect for hot summer nights.

End on End Sleep Shirt | J. Crew | $45

Time to channel your inner Holly Golightly and opt for a sleep shirt (since it’s not a tuxedo shirt, we’ll call this the casual version). Sleep shirts are always classic, and great for the summer when the temperatures are high (I live in Washington state and it is not common to have central air, because most of the year doesn’t warrant it, so it can get pretty toasty in house at night). This comes in white and blue.

Tell us in the comments about your favorite finds at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year! Did you find anything you like for your boudoir?




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